autokrn: an automated kernel building system

Well, I kind of had this idea:

And I am working, as newbie as I am, in a ruby project that I've named autokrn.

What it should do

  • It should detect all your hardware and know which modules you're currently using. * it should git clone the kernel version you want and it would get the Fedora patches form the repos or not if you want it vanilla. It could get Debians, Gentoo's, Mageia's or RHEL's kernel as well if you like.
  • It should configure the kernel work with your hardware and give you an opportunity to choose any other features/modules you want. Needless to say, it should compile for your exact arch and it should be able to fetch data from the Internet (or not) on which flags to use in order to make it faster/stabler/secure; according to your needs and the profile you choose. You can just choose one of the default profiles or pick one from the published ones (on the repo, web service or whatever) and you could publish your own.
  • It should install your kernel and do all the grub/dracut magic you need it to.
  • When you add hardware, you should be able to compile that module and insert it with a command. Hell, it might just as well auto-detect it for ya and do it in the background.

I am still not publishing the project 'cause I'm embarrassed by my code. I will learn a bit more ruby and keep up the work. It shouldn't be that hard to accomplish. For now, the coolest part, is that it uses the 256 color codes for the terminal, hehe.

With all due respect, all criticism is welcome. Sincerely, I don't care for all the reasons why I shouldn't do it; but I do for those why I should.

If you're interested in contributing, feel free to contact me: renich at fedoraproject dot org