introbella is on the move!

Oh yeah! I really like making this announcement.

introbella is on it! We're making new songs and we're gonna be releasing everything in english from now on! World, get ready for some really cool music!

Our newest project is to compose a few EPs. 4-6 songs per album and let you have them via our website and

Our newest draft is Check it out if you like. Send contributions if feeling like it.

What? Don't know how to contribute? How about:

  • Correcting/Augmenting the lyrics.
  • Sending some samples/solo/arrangements
  • Send a structure proposal
  • Traducitons to other languages
  • Providing artwork for that theme.
  • Buy and donate

This is our project and it's 100% CC-BY-SA and FOSS related. We love doing this and we want to share it in any way possible.


  • Audio should be send in 48 kHz @ 24bit please.
  • Text should be sent on TXT format (UTF-8)
  • Artwork should be sent on open formats and made with FOSS (Gimp, Inkscape, etc)... no Photoshop!! yuck!

Damn, we might provide repos in the future! Who knows! For the time bing, here's the info you need: