My music on Jamendo is being heard a lot!

Hey guys!

I am happy to see the stats on <a href="">Jamendo</a>. It seems that my music is being heard; which is my main objective with my music.

There is this song I hate: A lo largo. Everybody listens to that song. You know why? Because it's the first song on the album. It's my #1 hit and I really think there are other songs that are worth listening too. In fact, this song is not finished! There's a guitar solo to be played near the end. It should be an impressive one. Feel free to send any proposals ;)

For example, this week, Paladin is on the rage! That song was made when I first entered the FOSS movement; using linux and all. This song was made for a guy named Paul Howarth. He helped me a lot with some issue I had. It really impressed me how a guy, with no need to help a newbie, spent so much time reading mails and helping out. This guy is the one that bestowed upon me the love for the Community and FOSS. You can, actually, check <a href="">this thread</a> if you wanna read some history ;)

There are some songs that actually surprised me on my top 10. Rancholo and Wórale. These are highly experimental and lo-fi songs. I was astonished to see they are, actually, liked! ;)

I don't like the fact that, on an album, the other songs don't get listened that much. I am compelled to releasing EPs instead of LPs in order to give a better opportunity to other songs.Why don't people listen to whole albums?

Anyway, I am still happy and all. I will try to release a few EPs this year. At least one for <a href="">Renich</a> and another one for <a href="">Introbella</a>.

And, finally, please, give music a chance. Listen to the whole album and see what happens. Sometimes, you need to listen to it a few times so you can "digest it".