My music on Jamendo is being heard a lot!

Hey guys!

I am happy to see the stats on It seems that my music is being heard; which is my main objective with my music.

There is this song I hate: A lo largo. Everybody listens to that song. You know why? Because it's the first song on the album. It's my #1 hit and I really think there are other songs that are worth listening too. In fact, this song is not finished! There's a guitar solo to be played near the end. It should be an impressive one. Feel free to send any proposals ;)

For example, this week, Paladin is on the rage! That song was made when I first entered the FOSS movement; using linux and all. This song was made for a guy named Paul Howarth. He helped me a lot with some issue I had. It really impressed me how a guy, with no need to help a newbie, spent so much time reading mails and helping out. This guy is the one that bestowed upon me the love for the Community and FOSS. You can, actually, check this thread: if you wanna read some history ;)

There are some songs that actually surprised me on my top 10. Rancholo and Wórale. These are highly experimental and lo-fi songs. I was astonished to see they are, actually, liked! ;)

I don't like the fact that, on an album, the other songs don't get listened that much. I am compelled to releasing EPs instead of LPs in order to give a better opportunity to other songs.Why don't people listen to whole albums?

Anyway, I am still happy and all. I will try to release a few EPs this year. At least one for and another one for

And, finally, please, give music a chance. Listen to the whole album and see what happens. Sometimes, you need to listen to it a few times so you can "digest it".