Placebo's and Babasonicos Concert in Guadalajara


Today was a great day. Negro and Evelyn invited me to this great Placebo Concert; by Coca-cola Zero! A free concert! Wuhu!

Anyway, I went to the concert with them and took a demo of my band. I consider Placebo to be a great band and, IMHO, there's affinity between introbella and Placebo.

I decided to take the demo and give it to them because of their background. There's this video on YouTube> that tells about how they started and all. According to this video, their demo reached David Bowie and he invited them for a 1 year tour (I think...) so, they had a great plataform.

Anyway, I was very optimistic about delivering the demo. Since we arrived (5 pm... and the concert started at 9 pm) I started looking for contacts and info to see how could I get to them... It was impossible... according to everybody...

So, I took my time and the concert started! By the way, the concert was in the VFG arena; great place... beautiful... Vicente Fernández's house.

Well, Babasonicos opened the concert. The sound was loud as hell and the bass was too high... Maybe their sound engineer didn't know how to use that kind of equipment... I didn't like it at all...

Anyway, I was, all this time, looking around. We were at the far end of the center of the arena. To the far south (as away as one can be... yeah). So, I started planning.

I went to the bathroom and saw somebody with an OCESA t-shirt (the organizers) and, when I asked him how could I deliver this demo to the Placebo guys, he started his speach about how impossible it was gonna be... so, that's what he thought...

I went back, a bit disappointed, but sure about what I was willing to do. So, I went to the far right section of the arena and made my way to the bottom level! Yeah!... where I found a girl (and 2 security guards) that in a politely-antagonistic way, they sent me to hell right away... she had no patience... but she wasn't violent at all... The guys behind her could have been... hehe.

I started proposing ideas to her:

  • Can you let me take it?
  • Can you take it?
  • Can a security guard take it?
  • Can a security guard take me to take it and kick my ass after that?
  • Can somebody take it?
  • Can you take me to where they will be leaving the place (the van)?
  • Can I talk to somebody about this?
  • Can you let me in the VIP section so I can throw it away?

As you have might guessed already, the answers for this questions where:

  • no
  • no
  • no way
  • no
  • what?!
  • no
  • get out
  • I said get out please
  • right this way mr.

Ok, I get it... no in for me... I'll try the other side!!

So, I was making my mind. What am I willing to do to deliver this demo? Well, I already knew. There were a lot of them... but somebody has to do it, right?

I made my way to this other end (the left end of the arena) and made the same speech. I begged for it. This lady was a lot worse than the other. She was very antagonistic and didn't even look me in the eye... There were 2 of them.

So, after begging and begging... I took a deep breath and jumped over them... I started running. I was so happy and confident and sure about this. I was willing to do even this to get there.

There was this guy scratching my back so I had the brilliant idea to turn back and push him from the lower center of his chest (away from the heart) so I threw him away and kept running.

I ran over a couple of girls... I'm so sorry for this... I really am. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!... but a man with a dream has to do whatever it takes... as long as you don't hurt anybody... I didn't!

Anyway, I got the base of the stage! Yeah! There were 2 or 3 guards just behind me. I had my cellphone in the same hand as the demo! Damn!! I was really nervous so, the process of taking the cellphone with the other hand and throwing away the demo took around 5 eternal seconds!... The guards waited for me to throw it, so I thank them for that.

As soon as I threw it, the 3 guys where on top of me and I grabbed the... thing they use to keep fans from jumping (what's the name? cell or something?) and, while they were choking me and hitting me in the back and head, I saw the cd fly back to me like a boomerang!! "NOOOOOO!!!"

The demo fell on the stage and, then, to the floor. A guy (he looked like a security guard) grabbed it and I shouted: "PUT IT ON STAGE!!! PLEASE!!!). Then, he went down and picked it up... I think, because I think I saw another guy grabbing it and taking it... DAMN!!!

I was mad and turned around and pushed the guys hitting me and choking me! They couldn't handle me. They did everything to make me succumb to the pain, buy I didn't even say "ouch!" once! I was a warrior!

They couldn't separate me from this... fence... whatever... and 3 more came. The 6 or 7 guys that were choking me and hitting me got me down after a while. I fought like a lion!... didn't even hit them once, but took them off me.

One of them grabbed me from the laringe (the throat) and he managed to take ourselved down.

While in the floor, the guards kicked me twice in the head (with the knee) and tortured me in many ways (ear pulling, hair pulling, kicks on the legs and stomach, etc) tried to brake my arm and I got them off me once again. They made me trip and, then, used some handcuffs to get my left arm.

They kept holding me from the throat and, eventually, I started to loose strength and breath. I let them take my other arm and they put on the handcuffs very tight.

They made me kneel and then stand up. They tried to take me out facing back (not front) and bending me... very humiliating. My great pride and self-righteousness made me turn around by force and come out with my head high. I had to say it: "I'm going out with my head high" and, one of them, started to kick me. The captain stopped him... I think I saw a glimpse of respect there.

They were really mad at me and kept telling me: "there are ways to do these things!", "Every action has a reaction" and stuff like that. I just told them this was my dream and that I've tried everything I could in order to do it in an orderly fashion... they didn't let me... so I had to do what I had to do...

While walking outside (looong walk to the road! Outside this ranch!) They were talking about them being police guys and that they would take me to jail. I just said I respected their work and that they should do what they should... That I don't hate them nor am angry with them... It wasn't about them... it was about me, my band, my dream and Placebo.

The captain now seemed to resonate a bit so he ordered the police truck to leave and liberated me almost on the high-way; right beside a tree.

I thanked them for this and they asked me nicely not to go in until the concert was over.

I was on the floor there... A guy came near and offered help. I was so happy about what I did. I thanked that guy and he left.

On our way back, my friends were happy for me. I was very exited and wanted to see my brother.

When I came home, my brother was asleep. I knocked and he opened up. I started crying like a little baby and hugged him and he hugged me back while asking: "what's wrong... what's wrong... are you ok?" and I said that I was so proud of myself. That I tried so hard and I almost did it!

He was so nice. He took me into his room and hugged me and kissed me all the time while I explained in deep tears. I was so exited and happy. He was so proud of me and so scared something could've happen to me! He offered help the next time ;) I told him I loved him so much and that few guys in this world have a brother as nice as him.

He listened to me as much as I needed and was so nice.

I am so glad I did this. This is why I write this article. I want to remind myself, every time, that I will not succumb to those people who tell me that making my dreams come true is impossible! I wanna recall this when I feel so down and worth nothing.

I want this, also, to be helpful to you if you feel like this sometimes. Don't let anyone tell you "this is impossible"... don't hurt anyone in the way... but make your dreams happen!

I also, publicly, want to apologize with OCESA and Placebo... even, though, I doubt they read this...

It's not right to do these things... but it's less right to deny me my dreams... I hope you had a great concert and you come back some day.

I just wish you can hear our demo and throw it way if you don't like it... or contact us if you do!

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