Something is really wrong with Super Heroes!

Ok, I've been thinking about this hero - villains relationship and I have noted some things that I don't feel confortable with.

First of all, why don't villains ever win, but keep trying? Villains always keep trying and that is something to admire. Common knowledge tells me that they will succeed one day and I'd love to see that.

Another thing is, villains always have big and complete plans. They're always making plans to conquer the whole universe! Why don't they start from conquering some village or a state... or a country. They could advance, pace by pace, and gain ground. This is far more realistic than a sigle gain-it-all or loose-it-all plan.

On the other hand, heroes never mess up? They always do things the right way and that's very unreal! Besides, are they ever hunting the bad guys? They're always waiting for them to appear! That means they're lazy as hell!

Heroes should be very arrogant, since they kick the ass of the villains all the time... and some villains are really something!

Villains work in teams, too! But why don't the super Villains team up? They have, in some stories, but there should be a permanent villain union or cousil or something.

Besides, nobody's totally good or bad... fucking heroes are allways 100% good and villains 100% bad. Nobody's like that! That pisses me off!

Anyway, I wish Superman violated some girl sometime... or Batman cheated on the casino to get some money... or Spyderman stole some money from time to time. That would be real! Hey, no problem, make them feel bad about it... but make them do it again sometime and feel bad again!