Una nueva distribución de GNU & Linux específicamente para webhosting

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ServageOS (Linux) 2008-10-21 10:00

Rapid growth and cutting edge features have resulted in a brand new server Linux distribution being developed by hosting company Servage. The hosting industry is an increasingly competitive market space with many providers competing for customers. Customers are demanding more value for their money in these turbulent times why Servage has chosen to develop the first Linux Distribution especially tailored for web hosting.

With current installations customers on the same server or cluster can affect each others in a negative way. This is a challenge that traditional Linux distributions have no real solution to due to its hosting specific nature. Servage's German branch has been working intensely to remove this obstacle.

Most noticeable feature in the new ServageOS is total process separation which provides an optimal hosting environment for each customer. Apart from the complete resource separation the ServageOS also features full IPv6 support and improved central package management. "With a growing server farm central management of updates, patches, source code and deployments has become increasingly important" Jan Boysen, head of system administration and responsible for the development of ServageOS says.

The new Linux distribution is specially designed and mainly suitable for large scale clustered server systems. Servage will upgrade its entire infrastructure to the new ServageOS. Servage expects to have completed the upgrade on all servers during November.

Servage has a long tradition of developing own innovative software to solve hosting related challenges. The company was among the pioneers in utilizing cluster technologies on the mass web hosting market. Own clustering management protocols designed especially for hosting are still maintained and successfully utilized.

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