HowTo: Install Google Cloud SDK from the CLI on Fedora 20

Basically, this is a HowTo that prevents the usage of a browser in <a href="">Google's Cloud SDK</a> installation.


Easy. I wanted to build my own image; from scratch. I wanted <a href="">Fedora</a> 20 on that cloud. The problem is that I have the poorest Internet connection (WiMax @ 2 Mbps/128 Kbps) so building stuff would take ages.

So, I used my <a href="">CloudSigma</a> <a href="">Fedora</a> 20 server for the build. That server is headless and I needed to authenticate with a browser if I followed <a href="">Google</a>'s instructions.


# setup google cloud sdk
curl | bash

# activate google cloud in current shell
source ~/.bash_profile

# login
gcloud auth login --no-launch-browser

This lets me authenticate the SDK by following a link and getting back a key to paste on the CLI. That easy.

You wanna know how to build <a href="">Fedora</a> on <a href="">Google's Cloud</a>? I'll tell you in another post.