HowTo: Use ip instead of ifconfig

The other day, I was helping out some guy to set his IP address. He missed ifconfig; which is deprecated by the way, and I lent a hand; helping him get around the "ip" command.

Here's a micro cheatsheet:

# get some info on your link
# This will show your links or interfaces; so you know their names and use them after "dev"
ip link show

# enable your link (pretend my interface is p5p1)
ip link set dev p5p1 up

# disable your interface
ip link set dev p5p1 down

# get your current IP addresses
ip addr show

# set an IP address (p5p1 is my interface; you might still use eth0 or some other thing)
ip addr add dev p5p1

# add another IP address to your interface (2 IP addresses)
ip addr add dev p5p1

# set a default route (pretend that the default gateway is
ip route add default via

So, that's it for now. Try checking out the command's help:

ip help
ip link help
ip addr help
ip route help

Also, you can use shoft forms. The default command is show/list:

ip a ...
ip l ...
ip r ...