Ideas for Google

So, the other day a google email arrived suggesting they might be interested in hiring me.

So, that got me thinking and reading (about algorithms and design patters, btw).

I thought what would I answer if I got asked: "So, what product ideas might you have?". I came up with a few:


I think music has been static; in the same form for a very long time already. There should be a complete musical service; which provided all kinds of data and metadata about music. For example:

  • A player should be multi-track and allow me to mix or mute any of the song's tracks. So, if I want to, say, mute the lyrics and record my own version, I should be able to (while sharing to the friends and making a fool of myself).
  • I should be able to see the notes and chords to all the songs!
  • I should, definitely, be able to see the lyrics.
  • All this data and features should be self-contained in the song. I should be able to take this info to any device and access it; even offline.
  • I should be able to have virtualized sound; with sound systems that let me hear the position of the instruments in 3D. I should be able to edit all this if I wanted to.
  • Visualizations should react to every track. So, when we get to holographic displays, I could position visualization or holographic video in any place in my music room.
  • I should be able to search for music by whistling or singing the tune. This feature is loooong overdue, if you ask me.

Google Tag

I still can't find my keys with Google!

  • They should invent a mini-micro chip; still visible by it's sparkling colors, which I should be able to buy for almost nothing; everywhere.
  • I should be able to stick this little tag to anything I want; for example, my cat, my keys, my car, my wallet, my phone, my girlfriend, etc; and be able to track it on my Maps interface.
  • This little gadget would be so cheap, that post offices would use them and give you access to them so you could track stuff you order online.
  • Obviously, you would get higher quality tags for a bit more money. You could buy them in different shapes and sizes; outdoor; longer lasting life, etc.

Google Mappers

Ok, I saw the van... awesome. Where's my mini-android flying robot?!

  • We can buy or rent mini androids (flying or not) to map our businesses. These little guys take care of mapping with, not only cameras, but ultra-sound, infrared and highly-optimized-low-framerate video equipment; delivering  astonishingly detailed mappings of businesses and public places; as well as outdoors, lakes, caves and other cool places.
  • You can paste Google Tags (mentioned above) to mark the public and private areas. Private areas could be private (for your own use) or not even mapped if you choose to.
  • The robots would be able to detect and read ISO signs and level changes. Mark stairs and walls; providing metadata for blind people appliances that use the service.
  • The professional service robots, would be used for things that haven't been done yet; like exploring the mexican mayan ruins; which are hugely unexplored, the lacandon rain forests, volcanic gorunds, etc.

So, those are the ideas I had. And that is only one night staring at the ceiling! Imagine what a great salary and good treatment would do! Doods! If I were Google, I'd hire me definitely! ;)