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Ideas for Google

So, the other day a google email arrived suggesting they might be interested in hiring me.

So, that got me thinking and reading (about algorithms and design patters, btw).

I thought what would I answer if I got asked: "So, what product ideas might you have?". I came up with …

¿Cómo debes apoyar a las bandas que te gustan?


Soy Renich; músico Creative Commons y Consultor FOSS:

He tenido bandas desde los 15 años. Me dedico a componer, arreglar, producir y grabar bandas y artistas en varios géneros.

Segúramente habrás escuchado a un …

Haciendo mejor FOSS que nunca

Hola, lector desconocido al que le gusta el FOSS,

La neta, acabo de leer un comentario que me inspira. No por bueno; es uno de esos comentarios de un usuario que espera que el FOSS sea mucho mejor, pero que no piensa hacer nada para mejorarlo: un consumidor.

Yo sé …

F/Red: Fedora/Red Hat Electric Devices

Ok, this idea woke me up:

I think Fedora/Red Hat could get into the device realm. Who would buy a Fedora/Red Hat tailored laptop? Imagine that? Or maybe an audio player? Or a phone?

Raw Ideas

Laptops and PCs

  • Upgradeable …

Search Cards Interface

This is another search interface.

It would be cool to have a card interface too. You make a search, and a million cards open up bellow. Each one has a screenshot of the website with hilighted results. You would see 4 or so cards per line and the title of …

Search Cube (polygon) interface

Today, I woke up with two ideas; here's one.

The search cube polygon is an idea for the search engines. The idea is to search for something and have a 3D cube or polygon with a determined number of sides. Each side guides you through the search results; in different …

Good advice

I've been thinking,

I want to set up a website with good advice. One that attracts people that think things like: "I don't want to live", "I feel lost" or "what should I do with my life?"

I'm sure people this from time to time... I have …

Open Letter: Audio development unification proposal

I've tried, in numerous times, to contact different audio companies and get them to develop their products for GNU & Linux. These companies are:,,, and

The petition, usually, was that they should count us in …

The future of P2P in the cloud

Last night, before sleep, I thought of this:

The new sharing system should be something as simple as a distributed, syncronized filesystem.

This new filesync should sync the files on a certain directory; for all it's nodes (users). It should use rsync or something similar so it could send the …

Contpaq: abominación monopólica

Cada vez que tengo contacto con esta porquería de software, me pegan duro el cinismo y el sarcasmo. Cómo puede ser que una pieza de software tan mala sea tan usada y tan exitosa?

El éxito de contpaq es la prueba de la gran oportunidad que hay, en el campo …