My trip to Archland (Arch Linux)

I am an infamous Fedorian. Everybody who knows me, knows that. I love Fedora. Been with it since Fedora Core 1 and never left it.

This said, I just made a trip to Archland! I try to use some other distros between Fedora releases. The list of distros I have used is not long:

  • Arch Linux
  • Gentoo
  • Funtoo
  • OpenSuse
  • CentOS
  • Mandriva
  • Mageia
  • Ubuntu (yuck!)

That last one I regret...

Anyway, I've found my way with those. It has always been fun.

You just start installing things and, just when you think you know, the distro shows you you don't. In a way, you need to go to their community websites; check the wikis, the docs, etc. It's fun since you learn how other distros do things.

This time, it was a bit different. I got to collaborate a little with the Archland Wiki; which I am proud off. I got to mess it a little too due to my inexperience. But hey, nobody's perfect.

This trip showed me the great community around Arch Linux. It is one of the best communities around. They support you. They happily help out and listen to what you need.

I had a lot of fun in the IRC channel. It's a bit informal and easygoing. We just talked about how cool Arch is; how much we love to hate Ubuntu; this and that. Pretty random. Linux users l337 talking.

Also, the OS seems awesome. Pacman rocks! It's fast as hell and it will have many great features in the near future.

I tell you this for one reason: It would be great if you took that trip too.

I'd like to propose to you; Fedorian, to take a trip to other distros from time to time. Try collaborating a little bit. Let them know you're a proud Fedorian and help them out in whatever you can. Respect their ways and learn from them; even if Fedora's ways are "better". Learn their ways.

Also, I'd like to invite the non-Fedorians to do the same. Take a trip to the "Independent Republic of Fedora" and see if you can collaborate a bit; learning from the "Fedorian way" of things. I am happy to invite you and help you out.

A collaborative internship is what I propose. We all have much to learn from each other... except for Ubuntu... yuck!