Synapse: Should it retire from Fedora?

Hello, Fedorian Community!

I started maintaining Synapse in Fedora back in GNOME 2.x. It seemed like a great idea. It used Vala; no Mono and stuff.

Today, it seems abandoned:

I'd like to retire the package to prevent new users from using a package with no apparent future.

On the other hand, I feel for it's current users. So...

So, please, convince me if you think it's worth it. Otherwise, I will retire the package from Rawhide; giving it's current users the ability to find something else.

Also, if you feel you could maintain it and really want it to stay, let me know. I could orphan the package and you could pick it up.

In any case, I'll set up my calendar to carry out any of these options in one month. Let me know what you think.