HowTo: Bind10 resolver @ Fedora 19

I've been waiting for Bind10 to come to Fedora for a long time. I dunno if it's better or worse; I just like new stuff ;)

That said, I totally expect it to be better. It has some neat features and the idea of a modular app seems great. (huh? somebody hurd something?)

Ok, now, this is how we setup a resolver. If you don't know what a resolver is, please, don't play with Bind10 just yet... oh, and look for the term in Wikipedia.

So, in Fedora 19, just:

# get the software
yum -y install bind10-dns

# re-write the cert file and the key
cd /etc/bind10
rm -f ./*
b10-certgen -w

# generate a user for your personal use
# btw, the user and password are case sensitive; obvious but must be mentioned.

# start it
systemctl start bind10

# make sure it's running
systemctl status bind10

# now, enter the dragon!
# sometimes, it asks for the User/Password; sometimes it doesn't... who knows

# configure the dragon! (add the resolver)
config add Init/components b10-resolver
config set Init/components/b10-resolver/special resolver
config set Init/components/b10-resolver/kind needed
config set Init/components/b10-resolver/priority 10
config commit

# try it out
dig @localhost

So, basically, we have a new bind10 resolver! Yeah! Do you feel the power?!

Anyway, I got tons to learn... Maybe I'll stop by the docs now and then. ;)