Wanna install Fedora? (release, alpha or beta) Use BFO!

Guys, I really like BFO. It's cool, awesome and, in the end, you will save a lot bandwidth not only to you, but to the mirror Community.

Yep, bfo is easy to use:

It's kind of a net install but it's not married to any specific fedora version. This means that, with a single mini-iso, you can keep installing the newer (or any, for that matter) Fedora version your heart desires. This includes almost any arch! (arm is still not supported).

The coolest thing is that it comes in several flavors. For example, you have the mini iso. You can burn it or just use it on virt-manager to install the latest, mightiest and greatest Fedora.

Also, you have the disk image (I dunno what that is for), the USB image; which can be burnt into a USB flash key/drive. Also, there is the kernel image, which is really cool and easy to install and use:

su -
wget -O /boot/bfo.lkrn
grubby --add-kernel=/boot/bfo.lkrn --title="Boot BFO"

Then, just reboot and select "Boot BFO" from the grub list.

If that is not easy, I dunno what is!

Why do I say we will save bandwidth? Well, first of all, requires minimal download. Also, if you plan to update Fedora, you will re-download it at some point; meaning that the updates accumulate and, in the end, you end up downloading twice the size of the ISO. Even, though, things have gotten much better with presto; but you get my point.

I really recommend you to use the BFO project. If you're a cloud or IaaS provider, don't bother downloading the DVD for both arches; just provide the BFO.

If you come from another distro, I recommend you copy this from Fedora and Debian. It's awesome, practical and saves you a ton of bandwidth around the world!