Good advice

I've been thinking,

I want to set up a website with good advice. One that attracts people that think things like: "I don't want to live", "I feel lost" or "what should I do with my life?"

I'm sure people this from time to time... I have...

So, here's a good idea:

Let's set up a website and ask the search engines for help. The website should contain good advice: religion agnostic, well fundamented and written texts. With the necessary colors to make you feel comforted and, maybe, some music.

The website should be a first result and take you, immediately, to it (kinda like the "I'm feeling lucky" feature by Google). It should include no propaganda, google adds nor any "read more" links. Just plain "get you up" texts; devised by specialists in the matter.

Maybe the or some international organization would lend a hand. The texts should be translated in all languages. Possibly, it could have links, in the texts, foreseeing possible reactions, for example, a reader, in the middle of it, could think "but I don't believe what you said" and, the link would elaborate, in a special way, so, the reader, could get more interested or convinced.

The cases that should be firstly developed should be suicide cases or similar desperation cases.

So, for example, let's say I'm thinking of killing myself and I google "I want to kill myself". This good advice website should appear and let me read a bit... maybe watch a video and some nice music.

Another case, let's say Susan looks for "I feel lonely..." the website would present her with a relevant text/video whatever...

Anyway, just an idea that I think it's worth exploring.