LinuxCabal: Thank you, CloudSigma, for a wonderful year!

Ah, yes, it's been more than a year without downtime and that is because we host ourselves in CloudSigma.

I remember the first days, right after Rackspace and all. was very uncertain about "The Cloud". He disliked and kept saying: "I want a server I can touch!". Well, after a year, I'd like you to hear him saying: "CloudSigma rules!". He doesn't miss a thing about real servers.

The service has been great and flexible as we need it. We even host a thanks to CloudSigma.

This year, we started building our and, and communities. provides all kinds of info about our activities.

Guadalajara owns them a lot. Our FOSS community is possible, in great part, thanks to them.

Thank you, CloudSigma, for the past year. We're grateful. We, also, congratulate you for your grant U.S.A. opening. May you conquer the world and keep offering great KVM/Qemu virtualization options to the world.

If you like the poster, feel free to do whatever you want with it; as long as it stays under Creative Commons Unported 3.0 Share-Alike license. Also, feel free to share your work with me in my email: The svg files will be at the link show bellow.