Search Cards Interface

This is another search interface.

It would be cool to have a card interface too. You make a search, and a million cards open up bellow. Each one has a screenshot of the website with hilighted results. You would see 4 or so cards per line and the title of the website just bellow.

You could turn a card and see detailed info on the website and/or more stuff.

One card would have multiple sides or turns. You could keep turning each card and they would show content in different ways:

  • They could show related or in the same category websites
  • They could show related content (video, photos, blogs, news, translations, etc)


They could be expanded to a almost-full window (with the search engine on top) and let you keep on turning). This would let you browse stuff and do what you wanna do and, after that, go to normal size again and keep on browsing cards.

They should be storable and shareable; and function as a result filter.

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