Search Cube (polygon) interface

Today, I woke up with two ideas; here's one.

The search cube polygon is an idea for the search engines. The idea is to search for something and have a 3D cube or polygon with a determined number of sides. Each side guides you through the search results; in different contexts. One could use the cube to search in different ways and use different search approaches. For example, if you look for the word sex, the cube would present itself and determine 4 categories (based on common content) of the results of sex. You would turn the search cube in any direction and results would be filtered so, for example; in the rare case you're not looking for porn, you could see clean results of it in 3 other categories. These could be, for example: sex (science), sex (porn), sex (culture) and sex (unfiltered)... bad examples but you get the idea. So, if I'm interested in sex from the cultural point of view, I would turn the search cube towards that direction and see results in this category only. At any time, I can start turning it in other directions for different results. This solution would filter out all the porn when not interested and let me focus my search a lot more.

  sex (science)


s |                         |  s

e |                         |  e

x |                         |  x

  |                         |  (porn)


sex (culture)

This is one approach; the categorizing one. There could be a functional configuration of the polygon. For example, take google's news, blogs, images, videos and search results. This would call for a Pentagon to do this trick so, you could use it, basically, the same wa you used the cube. Oh, and, when I say "you turn the polygon" I mean it in a way as Compiz let's you turn your desktop, but just bellow the search form in Google or any other search engine. You should be able to build up various search polygons and store them.

They should be shareable too.

You could click on one and maximize it.

You should be able to combine them and store old versions automátically (wiki-like)

You should be able to import them to your web browser (open in tabs or polygon functionality)

They should be able to contain images, videos, results and whatever. This is just an interface idea and introduces a whole new way of searching stuff. Feel free to implement since, here, I declare this idea as Creative Commons Attribution 3 Unported or >.