Story: Mgoh

Meteors are falling from the sky. Oddly enough, they're not falling at full speed. Most of them seem coming down in slow motion. Still, there are some that come down at full speed; but they're not falling into populated areas. Also, the meteor storm seems to focus on a specific area of the globe.

Even, though, it seems like a big disaster, nobody feels threatened by it. Everybody seems to be in a mixed emotional state; weary, but they seem to enjoy the view.

With the meteor shower, comes a huge spaceship; and then more and more. It is a full scale invasion!

One of the ship lands on the country side hotel where my family and me were hanging out. The crew and army come out...

To our surprise, they're all small. I mean small as 5 year old kids. All dressed up in their dark armor; which shines like if made of plastic. They make some measurements and, they start taking off their helmets. They seem to be able to breathe here!

Also, they have faces as of alien children. They seem playful and happy, but careful.

They carry their weapons; but they're not threatening us. They seem to carry them for self-protection only.

So, I make contact with them; as scared as I am, but instead of coming near slowly, I just get there fast and sit down in the ground, so I match their size. I smile at them, nervously, but happily inviting them to do so as well... and they do.

They seem like children! Smiley and jiggly. But they have this resolve to things and politely and firmly, ask us to gather; without words; signs only.

They don't seem to speak much; they just make funny; baby-like noises. Usually when they're curious or happy. They laugh a lot; they tend to do so.

So, they gather all of us and ask us to board a smaller ship. One that seems made to transport us. It is very strange since they have, without a single kill, managed to take over the entire world. They did shoot at some strategic places, for self defense; but took great care in not harming anybody.

Anyway, on the way, they give us great food! They seem like earthling vegetables and fruits. Awesome food; salads, juices, soups, all kinds of strange desserts, etc. They seem to have taken great care in preparing those dishes for all of us.

They seem to enjoy serving us; which is odd since we're taken hostage and were being taken somewhere we didn't know.

I, quickly, realized that millions of people were being transported in tons of ships!

We arrive, and they, firmly but nicely, ask us to disembark and take us to a site like that of a mine.

They give us some weird looking tools and ask us, with signs and images, to start mining. It is not that hard of a work; but we're mining some materials they need. One strange fact of the tools they give us is that they extract the elements they're looking for without disturbing the earth. Very different from our mining techniques; where we open the ground up.

In the mean time, humanity prepares for a strike back. Some people start organizing and readying for a counter-strike to “free humanity”. They call themselves “heroes”.

A group of renegades manages to escape. They manage to give the aliens a few casualties in their way out. The aliens, still, don't seem to harm them. Also, you can hear them crying for their lost ones while the escape takes place... they, kind of, let them go...

So, while humanity plans on the counter strike and how to “save us all”, we continue working. The working ours are not so hard nor so long. They take care of helping us and showing us how to do things.

It gets my attention how they're really careful with even the tiniest of creatures. They seem to respect not only the living, but the rocks and the earth; almost every object; all the inert seem to deserve their attention. Almost like buddhists do.

The meals are great. They seem like moderate parties; where the little ones serve us and prepare the meals while we work. Almost everybody seems to be happy. You can hear some of us making ruckuses and complaining about the work; usually, people that are not accustomed to doing anything... ever...

That said, I never saw one of them trying to harm or force anybody. They, rather, seem confused and kind of embarrassed by those situations.

The camps seem strange to me. You can see people from all over the world, working on the mining and storage of the materials we're gathering.

Meanwhile, the human renegades start making moves and stealing some of their ships and weapons; which they start using on them. They seem to be close to having a good enough army to salvage the rest of humanity from the tyranny of the aliens!

Then, suddenly, on one of their take overs, they learn of some plans to make some kind of huge weapon on the south pole! The images are overwhelming! This weapon seems to extend from the mountains to the sea!

I kind of see them discussing, quietly, and seem kind of worried about something. We don't understand their language so I can't tell for sure what's happening, but I manage to see an image of the rebels and go and spread the news! Most people seem to be having a good time but, also, they seem to be happy about the rebels coming to save us... Me, I am not so sure...

I become a good friend with one of them. I call him “Mgoh” because he keeps saying that word to me. Mgoh and me usually play after work and after meals. We tend to go and find some cool place and he, usually, pulls out some strange toy to play with.

The other day, he had this anti-gravity shoes he brought. They were so cool. We could walk past by the water fall and have all kinds of fun!

Anyway, we seem to be completing the gathering part... We're leaving to some place else.

It seems like one of the poles; it's cold and snowy, like no other place I've seen before.

We come close to this huge fortress-like building, with lots of people working on it. It seems to have a big pointy thing on top; like a laser or some kind of antenna. Also, it extends far into the ocean from the top of a big glacier.

We are all nervous and people start becoming uneasy. Are these guys building a weapon of some sort? Are they to destroy Earth? Or our Sun?

to be continued...