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My music on Jamendo is being heard a lot!

Hey guys!

I am happy to see the stats on It seems that my music is being heard; which is my main objective with my music.

There is this song I hate: A lo largo. Everybody listens to that song. You know why? Because it's the first …

HowTo: Cómo respaldo mi servidor de DB remoto?

Mucha gente usa phpMyAdmin para hacer estas cosas cuando no es necesario. De hecho, les recomiendo usar Adminer en vez de phpMyAdmin; pero, eso, es otro rollo.

Muchos usarían:

Solución 1: la más pendeja...

mysqldump -h miservidor.tld -u root -p -A >


  • No es seguro para …

Fedora to CentOS migration

Today, a client needed a Fedora > CentOS migration. I ended up migrating 12 servers with a LOT of configuration.

Mainly, what I did is to re-configuring kickstarts; four of them to be exact. Each of these had specific configurations and a kilometer-long post section.

The main issues were:

  • Identifying which …

Fuse mount options

Today, I had a hard time figuring out these. I had to compile it myself since Fedora doesn't provide the example directory.

So, I hope you can find this if you're looking for it. It is the output of fusexmp -h and it shows all module and mount options. Very …

Estoy pensando muy seriamente en cambiar Cherokee por NginX

La neta, cherokee no a recibido mucho apoyo por parte de su creador desde que De hecho, no ha hecho comits desde el año pasado!

Además, el sitio de cherokee ya tiene secciones rotas> y nadie …

Fedora Configurations Repository

Oh well, I just posted a configurations repo @ Github:

The idea is to provide useful configuration examples; for servers (for now). I have a lot of cleaning up to do and all but, please, feel free to contribute anything you seem might be different and …

A nice alternative to

I wanted to find some nice alternative to Distrowatch in order to check some distro's popularity. I found some nice google tools:

# Google's AdPlanner (site profile)

This one seems pretty clear and offers a lot of info on the website. Obviously, all this according …

Servidor de la Comunidad

Hosting chido, barato, de muy alta calidad, seguro y sin GUIs ni cosas que introduzcan riesgos. Todo, manejado por los mismos miembros del servidor.


El servidor de la comunidad es un servidor @ CloudSigma; con las siguientes características:

  • 4 Procesadores virtuales @ 2.3 GHz AMD
  • 2 GB de RAM
  • 15 …

Benchmarks: PHP, Perl, Python, Python3 and Ruby

Hello, guys,

It's been a while since I wrote anything in english. I want to share this simple benchmark with you. It is a simple one: print a message; followed by a number; one million times.

This is the perfect benchmark since it benchmarks the language itself. It does everything …

HowTo: Use zram on Fedora 16

Ok, this one is badly documented. Even the kernel docs are outdated.

Here's how to start using zram on Fedora 16:

# get rpmfusion:

# install the staging kmod
su -c 'yum install kmod-staging'

# get zram running (aha!)
su -c 'modprobe zram zram_num_devices=4'

# define the block's …