Howto: install Air XR18’s edit software on Gentoo

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Well, I’ve made the best buy a GNU & Linux user can make when it comes to pro-audio. I got an Air XR18. This product is one of the best of it’s kind. The preamps, FX and software are awesome.

Yes, it works fine on GNU & Linux and Android. Here’s how to make it work on Gentoo, if you have a x86_64/multilib installation.

# enable abi_x86_32 for the required libraries
cat << EOF > /etc/portage/package.use/air-xr18
dev-libs/libpthread-stubs abi_x86_32
media-libs/alsa-lib abi_x86_32
x11-libs/libX11 abi_x86_32
x11-libs/libXau abi_x86_32
x11-libs/libXdmcp abi_x86_32
x11-libs/libXext abi_x86_32
x11-libs/libxcb abi_x86_32
x11-proto/inputproto abi_x86_32
x11-proto/kbproto abi_x86_32
x11-proto/xcb-proto abi_x86_32
x11-proto/xextproto abi_x86_32
x11-proto/xf86bigfontproto abi_x86_32
x11-proto/xproto abi_x86_32
media-libs/freetype abi_x86_32
sys-libs/zlib abi_x86_32
app-arch/bzip2 abi_x86_32
media-libs/libpng abi_x86_32

# update @world
emerge -ajuDN @world

# run the software
# ...

It works fine and it looks really cool! I really recommend you consider the Air XR18 if you’re into those things.

I dunno who is pushing GNU & Linux compatibility down there at the Music Group, but it’s the right thing to do! Kudos to them!

Crashing your kernel on purpose

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Ok, that sounds funny, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out, sometimes, you want to test your kernel dump or something of the sorts. Here’s how to do it:

echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger

This will, instanly, crash your kernel.


HowTo: Ask questions in Bash?

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I’ve been writing some script to configure some firewall and came up with this way of asking a question in Bash. I hope it helps as an example. Feel free to contribute your own:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

ask() {
    local query=$1

    if ( echo $query | grep -qi password ); then
        read -s -p "$query: " answer
        read -p "$query: " answer

    return 0

ask 'What is your name?'

echo "Hello, $answer"

ask 'Please, give me your password'

echo "Access granted"

As you can devise from the script, “$answer” is a global; which will get overwritten if you use ask() again. In case you want to make several questions, just reassign the var to another one:

ask 'What is your first name?'

ask 'What is your last name?'

echo "Nice to meet you, $firstname $lastname!"

So, this gives you an idea. I’d check this article to learn some defensive Bash programming; which I am just starting to absorb:

HowTo: Fixing Dovecot 2.2 in CentOS 7.2

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Warning: If you update dovecot on CentOS 7, it will brake! You need to update one of the config files in order for it to keep working:

# /etc/dovecot/conf.d/15-mailboxes.conf
namespace inbox {
    inbox = yes

So, basically, you need to add inbox = yes within the inbox namespace.

Far away: A Creative Commons success story

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Once upon a time, I made a song for a good friend (Juan Carlos Cano); since he got a good contract from a big label and he was to record an album.

The song was made and I uploaded it to my website:

So, Juan heard it and liked it. I don’t know if he ended up putting it on the album or not.

A year passed and a great artist, Carlos SBF; from Brazil, decided to make an awesome video of him painting a guitar and decided to use “Far away”; which he found on OpSound; a Creative Commons website for artists, like me, who like to upload their songs with a Freedom-friendly licenses.

The video is awesome… and it got 6,000,000 views… wow!

People asked for the song so I decided to upload it to the website of my Creative Commons band: introbella.

I am impressed of what happened. I didn’t have any expectations for that song… for none of my songs. I just make them because I love to listen to them. It feels awesome when someone else appreciates it. In this case, I got the chance of being heard by 6,000,000 people. This is far more than what I wished for.

Thank you Carlos. Thank you, listener. I am delighted to learn that people appreciates my music.

Feel free to download it, share it, change it and sing it with your friends if you feel like it. Same goes for all my music. It is mine and yours.

Thank you!

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